Strathspey (dance): Quiz

Question 1: The strathspey also forms part of the musical format for competing ________.
Pipe MajorPipe bandScotlandBagpipes

Question 2: A strathspey is a type of ________ in 4/4 time.
Dance musicB-boyingSwing (dance)Ballroom dance

Question 3: It has been hypothesized that strathspeys mimic the rhythms of the ________ language.
ScotlandScottish GaelicScots languageScottish people

Question 4: Other examples are the tunes to ________ (based on Sir Alexander Don's Strathspey) and Coming through the rye (based on an old strathspey tune called The Miller's daughter).
JapanAuld Lang SyneLondonUnited States

Question 5: Although band and solo competition ________ generally involves a complicated, heavily ornamented setting, traditional pipers often play simpler, more rhythmically driven versions.
Uilleann pipesBagpipesPipe bandGreat Highland Bagpipe

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