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Question 1: Strategy (and tactics) are usually contrasted with ________, the outcome of luck-based games relying on probability.
FaithAtheismLuckMagic (paranormal)

Question 2: Games such as ________, Octiles, Can't Stop, Sequence and Mentalis have all been described as "abstract strategy", despite having a luck element.
Tables (board game)BackgammonBackgammon notationFirst Internet Backgammon Server

Question 3: Strategy video games are categorized based on whether they offer the continuous gameplay of ________ (RTS), or the discrete phases of turn-based strategy (TBS).
4XReal-time tacticsReal-time strategyTower defense

Question 4: ________ are simulations of military battles, campaigns or entire wars.
Tactical wargameBoard wargameMiniature wargamingWargaming

Question 5: Popular strategic board wargames include Risk, ________, and Paths of Glory.
Axis & Allies (2004 video game)Axis & Allies MiniaturesAxis & Allies: EuropeAxis & Allies

Question 6: computer, video or ________) in which the players' decision-making skills have a high significance in determining the outcome.
Board gameGame mechanicsBackgammonGerman-style board game

Question 7: Examples are English draughts, ________, Chinese checkers, Stratego, Go, Shogi, Nine Men's Morris, Mastermind.
Alexander AlekhineBobby FischerWorld Chess ChampionshipChess

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