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Stralsund: Quiz


Question 1: In the course of ________ Ostsiedlung, many German settlers, gentry and merchants were called into the principality, and eventually populated the Strale site.
AustriaGermanyEthnic GermansGermans

Question 2: Afterwards the town was rebuilt with a massive ________ having 11 town gates and 30 watchtowers.
CastleDefensive wallFortificationCity gate

Question 3: Other major roads include the B105 (beginning in the town centre and continuing to ________) and the B96 (major road to Rügen) and the B194 to Grimmen.

Question 4: [2] A total of 300 ships flying the flag of Stralsund cruised the ________ in the 14th century.
Black SeaBaltic SeaNorth SeaArctic Ocean

Question 5: In the ________ (1815), Stralsund became a part of the Prussian Province of Pomerania and the seat of a government region resembling the former Swedish Pomerania.
Hundred DaysCongress of ViennaNapoleonic WarsFrench Revolutionary Wars

Question 6: ________ (1742 - 1786)
OxygenChlorineCarl Wilhelm ScheeleBarium

Question 7: Stralsund is the port of registry for the former German Reichsmarine Navy Sail Training ship ________.
NRP Sagres IIIOperation SailGorch Fock (1933)Gorch Fock (1958)

Question 8: The Marienkirche (Saint Mary's Church), built in 1383-1473 in ________, is the largest church in Stralsund, and from 1625—1647 it was the world's tallest structure.
Gothic Revival architectureRenaissance architectureRomanesque architectureGothic architecture

Question 9: The Katharinenkloster (Monastery of Saint Catherine), built in the 15th century, houses two museums: a museum of history, and an ________ museum.
Coastal geographyPhysical oceanographyHydrologyOceanography

Question 10: In 1293 Stralsund became a member of the ________.
HamburgHanseatic LeagueGdańskSzczecin


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