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Strait of Malacca: Quiz


Question 1:
Strait of Malacca, Straits of Johor and Singapore Strait are all:
Straits of Malaysia International straits Nature sites of Selangor Indonesia%E2%80%93Malaysia border

Question 2: The importance of Malacca strait in global trade networks continued well into centuries later with the rise of ________ in 15th century, Riau-Johor Sultanate, and followed by modern Singapore.
SrivijayaMalacca SultanateMajapahitMalaysia

Question 3:
What is the total area of Selangor in square km?

Question 4:
What is the motto of Malacca?
Know God. . . be strong, and do great exploits! Daniel 11:32
Ne Desit Virtus
Bersatu Teguh
Scientia fons Veritatis

Question 5:
What is the motto of Johor?
Kepada Allah Berserah
A Great Little Town
Courage before every danger,
"Tolerance and Diversity"

Question 6:
Strait of Malacca, English Channel and Bering Strait are all:
Straits of Indonesia International straits Straits of Malaysia Nature sites of Selangor

Question 7: The strait is the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, linking major Asian economies such as ________, China, Japan and South Korea.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

Question 8: ________ has developed several plans to diminish the economic significance of the strait.
MalaysiaCambodiaThailandPapua New Guinea

Question 9: It is named after the Empire of ________ that ruled over the archipelago between 1414 to 1511.

Question 10: These traders sailed to Kedah via the ________ winds between June and November.
MonsoonRainSouth AsiaAsia


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