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Strait: Quiz


Question 1: Detroit River, connecting the Great Lakes, having lent the French translation of strait for naming the city of ________.
Dearborn, MichiganDetroitGrosse PointeMetro Detroit

Question 2: Strait of Hormuz connecting the ________ and the Oman Sea, through which Persian Gulf petroleum is shipped to the world.
Indian OceanCaspian SeaAtlantic OceanPersian Gulf

Question 3: The terms channel, ________, pass or passage, and sound can be synonymous and used interchangeably with strait, although each is sometimes differentiated with varying senses.
Tidal islandCliffAyre (landform)Firth

Question 4: Bab el Mandeb, connecting the Red Sea and the ________.
Palk StraitArabian SeaIndian OceanLaccadive Sea

Question 5: Bosporus and the Dardanelles, which connect the Mediterranean and the ________.
Atlantic OceanBaltic SeaAegean SeaBlack Sea

Question 6: Bass Strait, which lies between mainland ________ and Tasmania, and connects the Southern Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 7: Taiwan Strait is a 180-km-wide (111.85-mile-wide) strait between Taiwan and mainland ________.
Province (China)ChinaReligion in ChinaTime in China

Question 8: The ________ (actually a strait) may be capable of generating 10 GW.
ThursoSwonaPentland FirthOrkney

Question 9: Straits can be important shipping routes, and ________ have been fought for control of these straits.
Military historyMilitary strategyWarAerial warfare

Question 10: ________, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans north of Tierra del Fuego.
Punta ArenasCape HornStrait of MagellanAtlantic Ocean


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