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Strabo: Quiz


Question 1: Strabo was born to an affluent family from ________ in Pontus (modern Amasya, Turkey),[2] a city which he said to be situated the approximate equivalent of 75 km from the Black sea.
MerzifonTaşovaKastamonu ProvinceAmasya

Question 2: In 29 BC, on his way to ________ (where Augustus was at the time), he visited the Island of Gyaros in the Aegean Sea for several years.
Ancient CorinthGreeceCorinthAthens

Question 3: [7][8] Aristodemus was the head of two schools of rhetoric and grammar, one in Nysa and one in ________, the former of the two cities possessing a distinct intellectual curiosity of Homeric literature and the interpretation of epics.

Question 4: It is not known precisely when Strabo's Geography was written, though comments within the work itself place the finished version within the reign of Emperor ________.

Question 5: Although the Geographica was rarely utilized in its contemporary antiquity, a multitude of copies are found throughout the ________.
Byzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireByzantine EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 6: Strabo's life was characterized by extensive travels to ________ and Kush; as far west as coastal Tuscany and as far south as Ethiopia; in addition to his traverse of Asia Minor and time spent in Rome.

Question 7: ________, classical scholar and editor of Greek texts, provided the first critical edition in 1587.
Joseph Justus ScaligerCatholicismAnglicanismIsaac Casaubon

Question 8: Travel throughout the mediterranean and near east, especially of scholarly purposes, was popular during this era , as facilitated by the relative peace enjoyed throughout the reign of ________ (27 BC - AD 14).
AugustusDomitianRoman EmperorTiberius


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