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Question 1: This is seen often in polo ponies as they leave the playing field, in trained ________ horses before and after timed speed events, as well as in horses who are loose in a field, particularly young horses.
Australian rodeoRodeoCowboyEquestrianism

Question 2: In domesticated ________ such as sheep, stotting is typically performed only by young animals.

Question 3: This may occur during pursuit by a ________.
CarnivorePredationApex predatorHerbivore

Question 4: ________, in his book The Selfish Gene, refers to stotting and explains it as the animal's attempt at advertising its health.
Intelligent designThe God DelusionThe Ancestor's TaleRichard Dawkins

Question 5: [1] This is offered by adherents of the ________ as a prime example.
Handicap principleSexual selectionSignalling theorySignaling games

Question 6: This apparently maladaptive behavior may signal to the predator or potential mates its comparative fitness as a form of boasting or taunting, and so therefore may be an evolutionarily selected behavior or ________.
HerbivorePredationAntipredator adaptationCoprophagia

Question 7: Pronking comes from the ________ word "pronk", to show off, strut or prance.
AfrikaansZulu languageDutch languageEnglish language

Question 8: Thomson's Gazelles), involving ________ high into the air by lifting all four feet off the ground simultaneously.
Terrestrial locomotionJumpingWalkingAnimal locomotion


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