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Question 1: The first line of "Weather with You" by the New Zealand group, ________, is "Walking 'round the room singing 'Stormy Weather.'"
Time on EarthWoodfaceDon't Dream It's OverCrowded House

Question 2: "Stormy Weather" is a 1933 song written by ________ and Ted Koehler.
Johnny MercerAcademy Award for Best Original SongYip HarburgHarold Arlen

Question 3: ________ first recorded the song in 1941 for RCA Victor.
Lena HorneFrank SinatraElla FitzgeraldHarry Belafonte

Question 4: In the first season of ________, Wayne and Wanda (a recurring duet couple) tried to sing the song, but as with most of their attempts to perform, it ends with slapstick violence.
The Great Muppet CaperThe Muppet Christmas CarolThe Muppet ShowThe Muppet Movie

Question 5: ________ recorded the song in 1956 and it appeared on the B-side of her first single "Burn My Candle (At Both Ends)" released on the Philips record label.
Goldfinger (song)Tom Jones (singer)Shirley BasseyLulu (singer)

Question 6: Rock star Jeff Lynne (of ________ fame) recorded a cover of the song on his 1990 solo album Armchair Theatre.
Zoom (album)Electric Light Orchestra discographyAfterglow (Electric Light Orchestra album)Electric Light Orchestra

Question 7: LaKisha Jones sang this song during her course of ________ under the guidance of Tony Bennett.
American IdolAmerican Idol (season 8)American Idol (season 6)American Idol Extra

Question 8: ________ sang the song for AT&T's concert for the benefit of the Walden Woods Project and the Thoreau Institute.
Blue (Joni Mitchell album)Big Yellow TaxiShine (Joni Mitchell album)Joni Mitchell

Question 9: The German ________-group, the Comedian Harmonists, recorded their version of this song, Ohne Dich, in German in 1933
Doo-wopFunkDiscoRock and roll

Question 10: ________ first sang it at The Cotton Club night club in Harlem.
Ethel WatersBessie SmithAlberta HunterDuke Ellington


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