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Question 1:
What is the slogan of Stormfront (website)?
"Quality made Certain. Satisfaction guaranteed."
If the picture matters, the camera matters
"White Pride World Wide"

Question 2: Stormfront is a white nationalist and supremacist[1] neo-Nazi[2] ________ that has been described as the Internet's first major hate site.
Instant messagingE-mailUsenetInternet forum

Question 3: BBC News (________). Retrieved September 14, 2007.
Norwegian Broadcasting CorporationTG4BBCRaidió Teilifís Éireann

Question 4:
What type is thing is Stormfront (website)?

Question 5:
Who wrote Stormfront (website)?
Don Black
Christopher Short, based on characters by Leslie Charteris
Knut Moen
Luis d'Antin Van Rooten

Question 6:

Question 7: The website is structured as a theme-based discussion forum with numerous boards for topics including ideology, science, revisionism, ________ and self defense.
Homeschool cooperativeHomeschoolingAlternative educationUnschooling

Question 8: [4] The name "Stormfront" was chosen for its connotations of a political or militant front and an analogy with weather fronts that invokes the idea of a tumultuous ________ ending in cleansing.

Question 9: Stormfront established to discredit ________ [38] In a 2001 study of white nationalist groups including Stormfront, academics Beverly Ray and George E.
Rosa ParksMartin Luther King, Jr.African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Southern Christian Leadership Conference

Question 10: ________. Retrieved September 14, 2007.
Fox News ChannelCNN en EspañolCNNHLN (TV channel)

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