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Question 1: She has demonstrated the ability to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via ________, allowing her to breathe underwater.
ElectrochemistryElectrowinningHofmann voltameterElectrolysis

Question 2: He retroactively added that ________, who recruits her in Giant Size X-Men #1 of 1975, had already met her as a child in Cairo.
Professor XBeast (comics)NamorIceman (comics)

Question 3:
When did Storm (Marvel Comics) make his debut?
Giant-Size X-Men #1
Giant-Size Avengers #1
Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3, .
El Muerto: King Size

Question 4:
What type is thing is Storm (Marvel Comics)?
Art Museum

Question 5:
What powers does Storm (Marvel Comics) have?
Ability to duplicate a mutant's abilities once he has sampled their marrow
Latent natural magic abilities
Mental possession

Question 6:
Which of the following titles did Storm (Marvel Comics) have?
Member for Parramatta
Jeolla Province

Question 7: Storm was one of the first black comic book characters, and the first black female, to play either a major or supporting role in the big two comic book houses, Marvel Comics and ________.
Vertigo (DC Comics)DC ComicsSuperheroSuperman

Question 8:
What was Storm (Marvel Comics) allied to?

Question 9:

Question 10: She aids the ________ against the Shadow King Amahl Farouk.
Alpha FlightX-MenNew MutantsSentinel (comics)

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