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Stonemasonry: Quiz


Question 1: There are two main types of sedimentary stone used in masonry work, ________ and sandstones.
Sedimentary rockCarbonate rockKarst topographyLimestone

Question 2: Among the famous ancient stonemasons is Sophroniscus, the father of ________, who was a stone-cutter.

Question 3: Stonemasons use a wide variety of ________ to handle and shape stone blocks (ashlar) and slabs into finished articles.

Question 4: Igneous stone ranges from very soft rocks such as pumice and scoria to somewhat harder rocks such as tuff and hard rocks such as obsidian, granite and ________.
Flood basaltIgneous rockLavaBasalt

Question 5: The basic tools for shaping the stone are a mallet, ________, and a metal straight edge.

Question 6: ________ is one of the hardest stones, and requires such different techniques to sedimentary stones that it is virtually a separate trade.
GraniteFelsicBasaltIgneous rock

Question 7: ________ is a popular choice of stone for memorials and inscriptions, as its fine grain and hardness means it leaves details very sharp.
SlateMetamorphic rockSedimentary rockSlate industry

Question 8: A modern stonemason's workbench with a block of ________
LimestoneKarst topographyCarbonate rockSedimentary rock

Question 9: Medieval stonemasons' skills were in high demand, and members of the guild, gave rise to three classes of stonemasons: ________, journeymen, and master masons.
ApprenticeshipGermanyVocational educationUniversity

Question 10: Stonemason's mallets of plastic, ________ and steel
Fagus grandifoliaNothofagusBeechFagus sylvatica


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