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Question 1: [sic]"[4] ________ did not offer similar praises, concluding that "Stonekeep is a dated first-person RPG that suffers from a poor interface, little depth, and few frills."[5]
Last.fmCBSGameSpotCNET Networks

Question 2: [2] Stonekeep was later released by Good Old Games for Windows XP and ________, made available for purchase through Good Old Games's digital distribution system.
Windows VistaMicrosoft WindowsWinFSDirectX

Question 3: The initial specification for the game included that it could not require a hard drive or a mouse, run on a 80286 CPU, use 640K, and run off ________.
Floppy diskFile Allocation TableUSB flash driveHard disk drive

Question 4: During the Devastation of the world by the insane god Khull-Khuum the Shadowking, Drake the boy was saved from his ________ by a mysterious figure.
KeepFortificationCastleHill fort

Question 5: Interplay's own Black Isle Studios worked on a ________ called Stonekeep 2: Godmaker for five years before cancelling it in 2001.
PrequelSequelStar WarsStar Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Question 6: Years later, Drake returned to the ruins of Stonekeep and the goddess Thera sends his ________ out of his body into the ruins itself to explore, reclaim the land, and defeat Khull-Khuum.

Question 7: Five years in production, Stonekeep was ranked #6 in ________'s top ten vaporware hall of shame.
CNET NetworksLast.fmGameSpotCBS

Question 8: The other questionable decision was to not include Peter Oliphant in the production of the motion graphics (Oliphant had extensive ________ background before becoming a game developer).
New EnglandUnited StatesWestern United StatesHollywood, Los Angeles, California

Question 9: Stonekeep is a 1995 computer role-playing game for ________ by Interplay Entertainment.
File Allocation TableMS-DOSDOSCP/M

Question 10: Stonekeep features an elaborate 'Magick' system where four types of ________ are inscribed onto a spellcaster: Mannish, Fae, Throggish, and Meta.
Germanic peoplesElder FutharkGermanic paganismRunic alphabet


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