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Stone circle: Quiz


Question 1: Stone circles have often been associated with the ________, but they were abandoned long before druidism came to Britain, and there is no evidence that they were ever used by the druids.
CeltsCeltic mythologyCeltic polytheismDruid

Question 2: There are approximately 1,000 stone circles and 80 stone ________ in Britain and Ireland.

Question 3: There was a separate period of stone circle building from the eighth to the twelfth century in ________.
NigeriaNorth AfricaEuropeWest Africa

Question 4: The appearance of these circles in northern Poland is considered to be a characteristic of the migrating ________ (see Stone Circle (Iron Age) and Wielbark Culture).
VandalsGeatsGermanic peoplesGoths

Question 5: A stone semicircle, comprising seven 600 kilogram megaliths, has been discovered in the drowned neolithic village of Atlit Yam in the Mediterranean Sea about 1 kilometre off the shore of the Israeli city of ________.
HaderaTel AvivJerusalemHaifa

Question 6: The final phase of stone circle construction took place in the early to middle ________ (c.
Deverel-Rimbury cultureBronze AgeAncient Near EastBronze Age Britain

Question 7: Other stone circles can be found on the Adrar Plateau in ________.
SenegalNigerCôte d'IvoireMauritania

Question 8: 37002500 BC) stone circles began to appear in coastal and lowland areas towards the north of the ________.
WalesCanadaUnited KingdomEngland

Question 9: In Scandinavia, there was a tradition of making stone circles during the ________ and especially in Götaland.
La Tène cultureAncient Near EastIron AgeIron Age China

Question 10: The Langdale axe industry in the ________ appears to have been an important early centre for circle building, perhaps because of its economic power.
Scafell PikeBlencathraLake DistrictHigh Street (Lake District)


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