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Stone Cold Steve Austin: Quiz


Question 1: On the November 17, 2003 edition of Raw, Austin was "fired" from Raw as the result of a stipulation in a match at ________ where Austin's hand-picked team of wrestlers failed to beat Bischoff's team of wrestlers.
Survivor Series (2001)Survivor Series (2002)Survivor Series (2003)Survivor Series (2004)

Question 2: Feud of the Year (1997) vs. ________
Chris JerichoGlenn JacobsShawn MichaelsThe Hart Foundation

Question 3:
What years was Stone Cold Steve Austin active?
Entertainer , Comedian

Question 4:
Who is Stone Cold Steve Austin's spouse?
Kathleen Alvareznchildren- Kathryn AlvareznChildren- Colleen Alvarez
Annette Kathryn Bishop
Kathryn Jenkins
Kathryn Burrhus

Question 5: Austin spoke about ________ constantly and taunted him relentlessly.
Ric FlairRoddy PiperStone Cold Steve AustinBret Hart

Question 6: Austin made his first appearance on WWE programming in a year at WrestleMania 21 where he was confronted by "Rowdy" ________ in Piper's Pit until Carlito interrupted to insult both.
Bret HartStone Cold Steve AustinRic FlairRoddy Piper

Question 7: [33] Austin continued his feud with the Hart family, becoming embroiled in a heated rivalry with Bret Hart's brother, ________.
Chris BenoitOwen HartShawn MichaelsDavey Boy Smith

Question 8:
Who of the following trained Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Question 9:
What was Stone Cold Steve Austin's birth name?
Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov
Steven James Anderson
Nancy Humphries O'Dell
Jane Freeman

Question 10:
Where was Stone Cold Steve Austin born?

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