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Stone (mass): Quiz


Question 1: Eight stones make a hundredweight in the ________.
United States customary unitsMetric systemImperial unitsEnglish units

Question 2: Given its imprecise definition, it is arguable whether one should use kilograms (a mass) or newtons (a weight/force) as the equivalent ________ unit.
Metric systemSystems of measurementConversion of unitsInternational System of Units

Question 3: Another example is the definition of the "stone" in the 1772 edition of ________ which reads, "STONE also denotes a certain quantity or weight of some commodities.
Encyclopædia BritannicaWikipediaEncyclopediaPropædia

Question 4: ________, for example, were traditionally sold in stone and half-stone (14-pound and 7-pound) quantities but the OED contains examples including:[3]


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