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Question 1: In ________, stolen bases are denoted by SB.
Major League Baseball Triple CrownMajor League Baseball record holdersBaseball statisticsStrikeout

Question 2: It is possible for a player to steal ________, but this requires great daring and aggressiveness as the ball will almost certainly arrive at home plate before the runner.
Bunt (baseball)Stolen baseTriple playBaseball field

Question 3: Base stealing was popular in the game's early decades, with speedsters such as ________ and Clyde Milan stealing nearly 100 bases in a season.
Mickey CochraneDetroit TigersTy CobbHarry Heilmann

Question 4: ________ • On-base percentage • Slugging percentage • On-base plus slugging • Hits • Singles • Doubles • Triples • Home runs • Grand slam • RBI • Game-winning RBI • Bunt • Sacrifice bunt • Sacrifice fly
No-hitterPerfect gameBatting averageRun (baseball)

Question 5: The scoring and criteria for awarding a stolen base to a runner are covered by rule 10.07 of the ________ rule book.
Major League BaseballBaseball awardsAmerican LeagueNational League

Question 6: In ________, a stolen base occurs when a baserunner successfully advances to the next base while the pitcher is delivering the ball to home plate.
SoftballTown ballBaseball awardsBaseball

Question 7: Win–loss record • Pitchers of record • Save • Hold • Earned run • ERA • Complete game • Shutout • ________ • Perfect game • Wild pitch • Passed ball • Strikeout • WHIP
No-hitterGrand slam (baseball)Run (baseball)Home run

Question 8: Wills' record was broken in turn by ________ in 1974, and Rickey Henderson in 1982.
Pete RoseDave WinfieldWillie StargellLou Brock


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