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Stockholm: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, or KTH) was founded in 1827 and is currently Scandinavia's largest higher education institute of technology with 13,000 students.
Chalmers University of TechnologyRoyal Institute of TechnologyETH ZurichPolytechnic University of Turin

Question 2: In the 2008 World Knowledge Competitiveness Index, published by the Centre for International Competitiveness, Stockholm was ranked as the sixth most ________ region in the world and the most competitive region outside the United States.
Perfect competitionCompetitivenessCompetitionCapitalism

Question 3:
Where is Stockholm?
Djurgu00E5rdsbrunnsvu00E4gen 24 on Gu00E4rdet in Stockholm, Sweden
Hazeliusporten, Djurgu00E5rden in Stockholm, Sweden.
Tekniska museet, Djurgu00E5rden, Stockholm, Sweden

Question 4:
When was Stockholm established?
13th century
16th century as u017Bdu017Cary
ca. 15th century
before 13th century

Question 5:
What time offset in UTC is Stockholm in during daylight savings?
-4 UTC

Question 6:
Which of the following subdivisions is Stockholm in?
Su00F6dermanland and Uppland
Sudeste Paranaense
Centro-Norte Piauiense

Question 7: In the 2006 European Regional Growth Index (E-REGI), published by ________, Stockholm was ranked fifth on the list of European cities with the strongest GDP growth forecast.
BoeingAon CorporationBrunswick CorporationJones Lang LaSalle

Question 8:
What is the area code of Stockholm?
389 46

Question 9:
What is the total population of Stockholm?

Question 10: The most popular spectator sports are football and ________.
Ice Hockey World ChampionshipsIce hockey at the Olympic GamesCanada men's national ice hockey teamIce hockey

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