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Question 1: One of these people include former Minister Evaggelos Stavrianidis, who is eventually murdered after attending a reception at a luxurious hotel in central ________.

Question 2: Sto Para Pente (Στο παρά 5) at the ________
Internet Movie DatabaseBox Office

Question 3: An ________ version of the song ("My Uncle's name was Charlie") played only once in the opening credits of the first episode of season 2.
American EnglishSouth AfricaCanadaEnglish language

Question 4: When her son and his wife, Zoumboulia's daughter, have to move to ________ for a few years on business, Zoumboulia moves into her house so that Zoumboulia can take care of their baby grandson.
DenverBostonMassachusettsPhoenix, Arizona

Question 5: The characters of the show appeared in many commercials, most popular those of TIM and ________.The five appeared in two major TIM commercials.

Question 6: The dying minister begged them with his final words to find out who did this to him by researching a forgotten crime that took place decades before in ________.
AthensCorfu (city)ThessalonikiPatras

Question 7: Pavrinos commits ________ when at the same time the man in black finds the five and is prepared to kill them, the police arrives and arrests both him and his assistant.
Death and cultureSuicideEuthanasiaCremation

Question 8: In the meantime, Delikaris with help from Pavrinos, manages to escape to ________.
Latin AmericaAmericasSouth AmericaNorth America

Question 9: Unfortunately, the men in black have him abducted and an ________ lures the five into a trap.
ArizonaPretenderImpostorAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 10: The plot revolved around five seemingly unrelated people who happened to be present at the death of a former minister in a malfunctioning elevator of a luxurious hotel in central ________.


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