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Stjepan Radić: Quiz


Question 1: Radić is credited with galvanizing the peasantry of ________ into a viable political force.

Question 2: In the Assembly, Puniša Račić, a member of People's Radical Party from ________, got up and made a provocative speech which produced a stormy reaction from the opposition but Radić himself stayed completely silent.
SerbiaBosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroCroatia

Question 3: This in effect afforded Serbian prime minister Nikola Pašić the opportunity to consolidate power and strengthen his Serb-dominated ________.

Question 4: Returning from an unsanctioned overseas trip in 1923 in which Stjepan Radić visited England (for 5 months), ________ (5 months) and the Soviet Union (2 months).
HungaryPolandCzech RepublicAustria

Question 5: Previously they had long been opponents, but the Democrats became disillusioned with the Belgrade bureaucracy and restored good relations with the Peasant Party with which they were allies in the time of the ________.
Holy Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–HungaryGerman Empire

Question 6: The Peasant-Democrat coalition was opposed by some of the Croatian ________, like Ivo Andrić, who even regarded the followers of the CPP as "...fools following a blind dog..." (the blind dog being Stjepan Radić).
EliteSocial classElitismRacism

Question 7: The Partisans on the other hand, used this as a recruiting point with CPP members who were disillusioned with the ________, and latter had one brigade named after Antun and Stjepan Radić in 1943.
NazismAnte PavelićIndependent State of CroatiaUstaše

Question 8: Stjepan was born in Trebarjevo Desno, Martinska Ves, Sisak-Moslavina County, then in ________.
Austria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 9: After World War I he rose to political prominence among ________ for his opposition to merging Croatia with the Kingdom of Serbia without guarantees for Croatian autonomy.
CroatsCroatian languageCroatian wineCroatian national costume

Question 10: At this, Puniša Račić drew out a ________, shot Pernar and went on to shoot Radić and several other CPP delegates.
FirearmHandgunRevolverEnfield revolver


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