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Stinky tofu: Quiz


Question 1: Stinky tofu is a form of fermented tofu that has a strong ________.
PerfumeChemical bondOdorOlfaction

Question 2: tofu covered in white ________ and not black mold.
FungusMoldCell wallYeast

Question 3: In ________, stinky tofu is fried and sold on streets, typically served with either spicy or sweet sauces.
ShanghaiBeijingChongqingHong Kong

Question 4: Unlike ________, stinky tofu fermentation does not have fixed formula for starter bacteria; wide regional and individual variations exist in manufacture and preparation.

Question 5: From a distance, the ________ of stinky tofu is said to resemble that of rotten garbage or manure, even by its enthusiasts.
OdorOlfactionChemical bondPerfume

Question 6: The stinky tofu sold in Tianjin is mostly made in the ________ style, with a mild aroma.

Question 7: For example, the types of dried stinky tofu made in ________ and Shaoxing are both very popular, but they are made with different methods, and the resulting flavors are very different.

Question 8: For example, some Asian tofu factories in Vancouver, ________ produce stinky tofu underground as a side-business to avoid government inspections.
United StatesBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 9: This is also the reason why stinky tofu tastes different from vendor to vendor, and the brines are usually considered a ________ by the makers.
CopyrightTrade secretUnited States trademark lawTrademark

Question 10: In ________, stinky tofu on the streets is usually fried and dipped in a mixture of usually coriander (U.S.

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