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Question 1: Electrons have energy in proportion to how far they are on average from the nucleus of an ________.

Question 2: Specifically, the atom will act like a small electric ________ which will oscillate with the external field.
Electric dipole momentMagnetic fieldMagnetic momentDipole

Question 3: When this happens due to the presence of the electromagnetic field from a ________, a photon is released in the same phase and direction as the "stimulating" photon, and is called stimulated emission.
ElectronPhotonStandard ModelAtom

Question 4: The ________ forces some electrons to be farther from the nucleus than others, which is why all the electrons in an atom do not simply occupy the 1s orbital.
Quantum mechanicsPauli exclusion principleIntroduction to quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equation

Question 5: When such a decay occurs, the energy difference between the level the electron was at and the new level must be released either as a photon or a ________.
Bound statePhononAtomQuasiparticle

Question 6: An external source of energy stimulates atoms in the ground state to transition to the excited state, creating what is called a ________.
LightPhotonPopulation inversionStimulated emission

Question 7: In optics, stimulated emission is the process by which an electron, perturbed by a photon having the correct energy, may drop to a lower ________ level resulting in the creation of another photon.

Question 8: ________ and how they interact with each other and electromagnetic fields form the basis for most of our understanding of chemistry and physics.

Question 9: and the general gain equation approaches a linear ________:
Algebraic geometryAsymptoteConic sectionCurve

Question 10: If the atom is in the excited state, it may decay into the ground state by the process of ________, releasing the difference in energies between the two states as a photon.
Spontaneous emissionStimulated emissionVirtual particlePhonon

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