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Stimulant: Quiz


Question 1: BenocyclidineDieticyclidineEsketamineEticyclidineGacyclidine________ • Phencyclamine • PhencyclidineRolicyclidineTenocyclidineTiletamine

Question 2: Dextrorotary methamphetamine is occasionally used in the treatment of AD(H)D that does not respond sufficiently to traditional ________.

Question 3: The two most well known NDRIs are methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta) and bupropion (Wellbutrin, Zyban), and the two most well known NRIs are ________ (Strattera) and reboxetine (Edronax).

Question 4: Amphetamines are known to cause elevated mood and euphoria as well as rebound depression and ________.
EmotionHostilityMental confusionAnxiety

Question 5: Abuse of ________ stimulants is common.
NeuronGrey matterWhite matterCentral nervous system

Question 6: On occasion, major depression is treated with ________ as well.

Question 7: ________AminorexClominorexCyclazodoneFenozoloneFluminorexPemolineThozalinone

Question 8: Stimulants are widely used throughout the world as ________ and as illicit substances of recreational use or abuse.
Prescription drugNew Drug ApplicationOver-the-counter drugControlled Substances Act

Question 9: It is included in many soft drinks, particularly ________.
GinsengHerbalismTaurineEnergy drink

Question 10: Stimulants (also sometimes called psychostimulants[1]) are ________ which induce temporary improvements in either mental or physical function or both.
MDMAPhencyclidinePsychoactive drugKetamine

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