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Steyr M: Quiz


Question 1: The pistols are fed using a detachable ________ magazine of the single position feed type with the cartridges arranged in a staggered column pattern.
IronCarbon steelStainless steelSteel

Question 2: The Steyr M is equipped with fixed, low-profile ________.
Telescopic sightInternal ballisticsFirearmIron sight

Question 3: The pistol’s frame also has proprietary mounting rails for attaching accessories, such as a ________ or laser pointer.
FlashlightMossberg 500Tactical lightHeckler & Koch MP5

Question 4: Optional ________-illuminated low light situation sights can also be fitted to the Steyr M; these have a conventional rectangular profile.
HydrogenTritiumNuclear fusionNeutron

Question 5: The Steyr M is a series of semi-automatic pistols developed by Steyr Mannlicher GmbH & Co KG of ________ for police services and the civilian shooting market.
HungaryPolandCzech RepublicAustria

Question 6: Design work on the new pistol began in the early 1990s and the final product known as the M9 (adapted to fire the ________ cartridge) was officially unveiled in the spring of 1999.
.357 Magnum.40 S&W9x19mm Parabellum.45 ACP

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