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Question 1: He also published an art ________ SMILE, the name of which was a play on the Mail Art zines FILE and VILE (which in turn parodied the graphic design of LIFE magazine).
FanzineFan filmAlternative comicsAmateur press association

Question 2: In the mid-nineties Home was also appearing regularly as a live artist at "Disobey" events organised by Paul Smith and featuring music from the likes of techno acts Panasonic and ________.
26 Mixes for CashSelected Ambient Works 85–92Aphex TwinSelected Ambient Works Volume II

Question 3: The Neoist Alliance was a moniker used by Home between 1994 and 1999 for his mock-________ psychogeographical activities.
OccultReligionMysticismMagic (paranormal)

Question 4: In 1993 Home officially resurfaced, having meanwhile gained an influence and reputation in European and American counter-culture comparable to writers like ________ and Kathy Acker.
Hakim BeyPakistanAfghanistanAnarchism

Question 5: In April 1984, Home got in touch with the originally American subcultural artistic network of ________, and participated in the eighth Neoist Apartment Festival in London.
NeoismFuturismFluxusArt Nouveau

Question 6: In Home's earlier work, the focux of these reflections was often ________, a subcultural network of which he had been a member, and from which he derived various splinter projects.
NeoismArt NouveauFluxusFuturism

Question 7: In the post-Art Strike years, he had for the first time publicly occupied himself with ________ and the occult.
MysticismThe AllHermeticismGod

Question 8: In 1993, the Neoist Alliance staged a prank against a concert by composer Karlheinz Stockhausen in ________ by announcing its intention to levitate the concert hall by magical means during the concert.

Question 9: [3][4] This was an homage to the 1965 anti-art picketing of a Stockhausen concert in New York by ________ members Henry Flynt and George Maciunas.
Neo-DadaNoise (music)Conceptual artFluxus

Question 10: Italian translation Castelvecchi, Rome 1996) (an 'inside account' of the history of ________).
Hardcore punkPunk rock subgenresPunk rockRock music

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