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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Quiz


Question 1: In November 2007, ________ released a second tribute to Vaughan, an exact replica of his second beloved guitar: Lenny.
Fender StratocasterFender Musical Instruments CorporationBass guitarFender Musical Instruments Corporation product list

Question 2: In the spring of the following year, music producer John Hammond heard a tape of the band's Montreux performance, and got the band a ________ with Epic Records.
Music industryMusic publisher (popular music)NRJ Music AwardsRecording contract

Question 3:
Stevie Ray Vaughan name is associated with which of these acts?

Question 4: ________'s 1991 album Luck of the Draw was dedicated to him.
Jackson BrowneBonnie Raitt discographyJames TaylorBonnie Raitt

Question 5: Browne offered Vaughan time in his recording studio in ________ free of charge, and the band accepted the offer in November 1982.
San Jose, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaGlendale, CaliforniaLos Angeles

Question 6: Among the first songs that he learned to play were hits by The Nightcaps, a Texas garage rock band that had a national hit in 1962 with "Wine, Wine, Wine." In 1963, Vaughan got his first ________, a hand-me-down from his brother.
Electric Guitar DesignBass guitarLead guitarElectric guitar

Question 7: A year later, he found a battered 1963 ________ at a music store in Austin.
Strat PlusEric Clapton StratocasterFender StratocasterSquier Stratocaster

Question 8: During the rehearsal period, Vaughan decided to attend the funeral of ________ and, thus, could not be found for 5 days.
Muddy WatersBluesHowlin' WolfWillie Dixon

Question 9:
Which of the following labels did Stevie Ray Vaughan work with?

Question 10:
What did Stevie Ray Vaughan do for a living?

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