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Steven Soderbergh: Quiz


Question 1:
Who is Steven Soderbergh's spouse?
Jules Dassin
Jules G. Furthman
Dr. Jules Segal
Jules Asner

Question 2: Following up Full Frontal stylistically was Soderbergh next project, K Street (2003), a ten-part political ________ series he co-produced with Clooney.
CNN Sports IllustratedTBS (TV channel)TNT (TV channel)HBO

Question 3:
When is Steven Soderbergh's birthday?

Question 4: It is interesting to note that he directed ________ in Gray's Anatomy after King of the Hill, an actor who often commented that he was unable to "make anything up".
Spalding GrayThornton WilderNew York CityEric Bogosian

Question 5: [11][12] The film's star, ________, subsequently appeared in Solaris (2002), marking the third time the two have headlined a film.
Jack NicholsonHeath LedgerMatt DamonGeorge Clooney

Question 6: Burns based on ________’s book, The Informant.
MCI Inc.2005Accounting scandalsKurt Eichenwald

Question 7: Section Eight produced the critical hits Far From Heaven, Insomnia, and Syriana as well as the Clooney-directed films ________ and Good Night, and Good Luck.
LeatherheadsGeorge ClooneyConfessions of a Dangerous MindBrad Pitt

Question 8: 2006: ________ - as Peter Andrews
The Good GermanErin Brockovich (film)Che (film)Ocean's Twelve

Question 9:
What was Steven Soderbergh's birth name?
Steven Andrew Soderbergh
Steven R. Schirripa
Steven James Anderson
Steven Andrew Carter

Question 10:
Where was Steven Soderbergh born?
Scottdale, Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Dacula, Georgia

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