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Steve Purcell: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Steve Purcell play in the telemovie George & A.J. ?
Nurse A.J.
Nurse George
Carl Fredricksen

Question 2: [9] After producing the cover artwork for Herc's Adventures and concept art for ________, Purcell left LucasArts.
The Secret of Monkey IslandGrim FandangoEscape from Monkey IslandThe Curse of Monkey Island

Question 3: Despite his employment with Pixar, Purcell has continued to work with comic books and came together with ________ in 2005 to bring about new series of Sam & Max video games.
Sam & Max Beyond Time and SpaceLucasArts adventure gamesSam & Max Save the WorldTelltale Games

Question 4: The series has since grown to incorporate an animated television series and several ________.
Personal computer gameVideo game genresNonviolent video gameVideo game

Question 5: Purcell joined with story editor Dan Smith from Canadian studio ________ to create an animated television series of Sam & Max in 1996.
Télétoon (Canadian TV channel)KidsCoCorus EntertainmentNelvana

Question 6: [29] Purcell later painted the cover artwork for Telltale's ________.
Sam & Max Save the WorldEscape from Monkey IslandTales of Monkey IslandThe Curse of Monkey Island

Question 7: [3] Despite being laid off, he was rehired to produce artwork for the graphic adventure game ________.
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeZak McKracken and the Alien MindbendersFull Throttle (1995 video game)Maniac Mansion

Question 8: He performed freelance work for ________ and Fishwrap Productions before publishing his first Sam & Max comic in 1987.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel Comics

Question 9: [2] The comic contained two Sam & Max stories: "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple", a name that Purcell found on a ________ and thought was appropriate; and "Night of the Gilded Heron-Shark".
Consumer fireworksFireworksUnited StatesHawaii

Question 10: ________ (2009) – artwork
Tales of Monkey IslandEscape from Monkey IslandThe Curse of Monkey IslandSam & Max Save the World

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