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Steve Jackson Games: Quiz


Question 1: Illuminati, a game of competing conspiracies, based largely on the ________ by Robert Anton Wilson.
Conspiracy fictionDiscordianismThe Illuminatus! TrilogyThomas Pynchon

Question 2: Founded in 1980, six years after the birth of Dungeons & Dragons, and before the height of ________, SJG created several role-playing and strategy games with science fiction themes.
Role-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)Live action role-playing gameRole-playing game terms

Question 3: ________, a series of D20 supplements based on the Munchkin card game.
Steve Jackson GamesDungeons & DragonsBoard gameMunchkin (card game)

Question 4: In Nomine, a game about ________ and Demons based on the popular French role-playing game.
Michael (archangel)AngelArchangelJesus

Question 5: The case also helped to prompt the formation of the ________, as well as spawning a new game, Hacker.
Electronic Frontier FoundationFree Software FoundationDigital rights managementIntellectual property

Question 6: SJG borrowed and expanded upon ideas pioneered by strategy game companies such as Metagaming Concepts, ________ and TSR.
Charles S. RobertsAvalon HillAdvanced Squad LeaderWargaming

Question 7: ________, the Generic Universal Role Playing System.
Basic Role-PlayingGURPSFudge (role-playing game system)EABA

Question 8: On March 1, 1990, SJG's offices in ________ were raided by the U.S. Secret Service.
Austin, TexasDallasFort Worth, TexasSan Antonio

Question 9: Chez Geek, a card-game parody of ________ culture with many spinoffs and expansions:

Question 10: Illuminati: New World Order (INWO), the ________ based on concepts in Illuminati.
Trading cardMagic: The GatheringCollectible card gameRichard Garfield


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