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Steve Dillon: Quiz


Question 1: Bullseye (5 issue mini-series, ________, 2005-2006)
Marvel AnimationMarvel StudiosMarvel ComicsMarvel Entertainment

Question 2: Silver Fox:A Future Publication(Intended ________,2008?)
Marvel ComicsMarvel EntertainmentMarvel AnimationMarvel Studios

Question 3: ________ (in 2000 AD #495-499, 1986)
2000 AD (comics)The 86ersFriday (comics)Rogue Trooper

Question 4: Dillon got his first professional work at the age of 16, drawing the title story in the first issue of Hulk Weekly for ________, later working on the Nick Fury strip.
Marvel UKMarvel ComicsDoctor Who MagazineCaptain Britain

Question 5: ________ (in 1991 Rogue Trooper Annual, 1990)
Friday (comics)The 86ersRogue Trooper2000 AD (comics)

Question 6: ________ (in 2000 AD #505 & 511-512, 1987)
Judge DeathJudge DreddJudge AndersonMega-City One

Question 7: ________: Red Planet Blues (in 1985 2000 AD Annual, 1984)
ABC WarriorsJudge DreddRo-Busters2000 AD (comics)

Question 8: Steve Dillon is a British comic book artist, best known for his work with writer ________ on Hellblazer, Preacher and The Punisher.
Garth Ennis bibliographyGarth EnnisJohn Romita, Sr.The Punisher: Frank Castle

Question 9: ________ (in 2000 AD #568-572 & 574-75, 1988)
Rogue TrooperFriday (comics)The 86ers2000 AD (comics)

Question 10: Recently, Dillon has done mostly work for ________, pencilling for the relaunched Punisher series and new miniseries (also with Ennis), Supreme Power: Nighthawk, and Wolverine: Origins.
Marvel EntertainmentMarvel ComicsMarvel AnimationMarvel Studios


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