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Sternal fracture: Quiz


Question 1: X-rays of the chest are taken in people with chest trauma and symptoms of sternal fractures, and these may be followed by ________.
Magnetic resonance imagingCT pulmonary angiogramX-ray computed tomographyMedical radiography

Question 2: [3] Sternal fracture can interfere with breathing by making it more painful; however, its primary significance is that it can indicate the presence of serious associated internal injuries, especially to the heart and ________.
Immune systemRespiratory systemDigestionLung

Question 3: A sternal fracture is a fracture of the sternum (the breastbone), located in the center of the ________.
EarChestTorsoHuman anatomy

Question 4: [4] It was common enough for the sternum to be injured by the seatbelt that it was included in the 'safety belt syndrome',[6] a pattern of injuries caused by ________ in vehicle accidents.
AirbagAutomotive lightingSeat beltAutomobile safety

Question 5: [8] Sternal fracture is commonly associated with injuries to the heart and lungs; if a person is injured with enough force to fracture the sternum, injuries such as myocardial and ________ are likely.
Tracheobronchial injuryPneumoniaPneumothoraxPulmonary contusion


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