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Sterling Hall bombing: Quiz


Question 1: ballistics program during ________ and a contributor to research on several missiles used by the U.S.
Soviet occupationsCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarWorld War II

Question 2: After a few months he left the commune, went to Vancouver and then re-appeared in San Francisco where he connected with the ________ (SLA) who was holding Patty Hearst at the time.
Angela AtwoodSymbionese Liberation ArmyEmily HarrisDonald DeFreeze

Question 3: ________. Retrieved January 4, 2010.
Central Intelligence AgencyNational Security AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyFederal Bureau of Investigation

Question 4: He was involved in research in the field of ________, which had potential applications to everything from power distribution to high-speed trains.
Flux pumpingIron-based superconductorSuperconductivityNiobium

Question 5: 143 of Declarations of Independence, by ________
Emma GoldmanRichard NixonHoward ZinnUnited States

Question 6: During the ________, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the southern (east-west) wing of Sterling Hall housed the Army Mathematics Research Center (AMRC).
Vietnam WarCold WarCentral Intelligence AgencyKorean War

Question 7: He wrote for the campus newspaper ________, and associated with the other writers.
On, Wisconsin!Wisconsin BadgersThe Badger HeraldThe Daily Cardinal

Question 8: The student newspaper, ________, obtained and published quarterly reports that AMRC submitted to the Army.
On, Wisconsin!Wisconsin BadgersThe Daily CardinalThe Badger Herald

Question 9: Director J. Barkley Rosser, an eminent logician, publicly minimized any practical role of the center and implied that AMRC pursued only pure ________.
Set theoryMathematical logicMathematicsGeometry

Question 10: The bombers used a stolen Ford Econoline van filled with close to 2,000 pounds of ________ (i.e., ammonium nitrate and fuel oil).
CoalAmmonium sulfateExplosive materialANFO


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