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Sterilization (surgical procedure): Quiz


Question 1: The vasa deferentia, the tubes which connect the testicles to the ________, are cut and closed.
Reproductive systemSeminal vesicleProstatePenis

Question 2: Due to the ________ changes involved with both genders, this will definitely cause minor behavioral changes in the animal.
Endocrine systemProgesteroneHormoneTestosterone

Question 3: This generally involves a general anesthetic and a laparotomy or ________ approach to cut, clip or cauterize the fallopian tubes.
SurgeryCholecystectomyLaparoscopic surgeryPeritonitis

Question 4: For non-surgical causes of sterility, see ________.
Female infertilityVulvovaginal healthReproductive system diseaseInfertility

Question 5: The Fallopian tubes, which allow the sperm to fertilize the ovum and would carry the fertilized ovum to the ________, are closed.
VulvaOvaryReproductive systemUterus

Question 6: The uterus is surgically removed, permanently preventing pregnancy and some ________, such as uterine cancer.

Question 7: The impact on the long-term health of a ________ male is more negative.
TesticleNeuteringCastrationEstrous cycle

Question 8: ________ in females, known popularly as "having one's tubes tied".
AbortionIUD with progestogenTubal ligationEssure

Question 9: This prevents sperm produced in the testicles from entering the ejaculated semen (which is mostly produced in the seminal vesicles and ________).
ProstatePenisEndocrine systemReproductive system

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