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Stereotypic movement disorder: Quiz


Question 1: In cases when ________ is present, the stereotypic or self-injurious behavior must be of sufficient severity to become the focus of treatment.
Mental disorderSchizophreniaAlzheimer's diseaseMental retardation

Question 2: The behavior is not better explained as a compulsion (e.g., ________), a tic, a stereotypy as part of a Pervasive Developmental Disorder, or hair pulling (trichotillomania).
HypochondriasisMajor depressive disorderObsessive–compulsive disorderSocial anxiety disorder

Question 3: Other conditions which feature repetitive behaviors in the differential diagnosis include obsessive-compulsive disorder, trichotillomania, vocal and tic disorders (e.g., ________).
Asperger syndromeAlzheimer's diseaseMajor depressive disorderTourette syndrome

Question 4: Habits can range from relatively benign behaviors (e.g., nail biting) to noticeable or self-injurious behaviors, such as teeth grinding (________).
BruxismHypersomniaParasomniaNight terror

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