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Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (1985) went so far as to name a specific country, referring to antagonists in the film as "Libyan terrorists".
Back to the FutureBack to the Future Part IIBack to the Future Part IIIWho Framed Roger Rabbit

Question 2: Stereotypical representations of ________ are often manifested in a society's media, literature, theater and other creative expressions.
SyriaArab peoplePalestinian peopleIraq

Question 3: In the aftermath of the ________ in which 15 of the 19 hijackers were of Saudi Arabian origin and all were of muslim faith, arabs and muslims complained of increased scrutiny and racial profiling at airports.
September 11 attacksOsama bin LadenUnited Airlines Flight 93Al-Qaeda

Question 4: These representation, which have been historically and predominantly negative, often have adverse repercussions for ________ and Muslims in daily interactions and in current events.
Arab AmericanFilipino AmericanAsian AmericanIndian American

Question 5: In Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade Indiana Jones' trusted friend Sallah, an Egyptian ________, helps him with his quest and even saves his life on occasion.
Palestinian peopleIraqSyriaArab people

Question 6: ________, along with those Muslims inhabiting Jerusalem in general.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireSaracenArab people

Question 7: Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims have been presented in various forms by the mass media in ________ and American culture.
EuropeWestern worldWestern cultureModern history

Question 8: ________'s roles in The Sheik (1921) and The Son of the Sheik (1926) set the stage for the exploration and negative portrayal of Arabs in Hollywood films.
June MathisRoscoe ArbuckleGloria SwansonRudolph Valentino

Question 9: Thomas Edison made a short film in 1897 for his patented ________ in which "Arab" women with enticing clothes dance to seduce a male audience.
Kinetoscope35 mm filmWilliam Kennedy DicksonMovie projector

Question 10: Black Sunday (1977) concerns an Arab terrorist plot to bomb a stadium during the ________.
Super BowlAmerican Football LeagueNFL on televisionNational Football League

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