Stereophonic sound: Quiz

Question 1: This system was invented by ________ of EMI in 1931 and was patented the same year.
Ealing405-line television systemAlan BlumleinLondon

Question 2: In the 1930s, ________ of EMI patented stereo records, stereo films, and also surround sound.
405-line television systemAlan BlumleinLondonEaling

Question 3: Balance can mean the amount of signal from each channel reproduced in a stereo ________.
Sound recording and reproductionMixing consoleSynthesizerAudio format

Question 4: The first commercial motion picture to be exhibited with stereophonic sound was ________'s Fantasia (1940).
Walt DisneyWalt Disney Animation StudiosDisneyToon StudiosWalt Disney Pictures

Question 5: Federal Communications Commission announced stereophonic ________ technical standards in April 1961, and licensed regular stereophonic FM radio broadcasting, to commence that same year.
Phase-shift keyingAmplitude modulationModulationFrequency modulation

Question 6: The development of ________ records was announced in 1971.
Quadraphonic soundRCA RecordsGramophone recordEMI

Question 7: In ________, the Zenith-GE pilot-tone stereo system is used throughout the world.
HD RadioMedium waveTV and FM DXFM broadcasting

Question 8: [19][20] In 1938, ________ started using three tracks instead of one to record movie soundtracks, and very quickly upgraded to four tracks.
Metro-Goldwyn-MayerUnited ArtistsWarner Bros.Academy Award for Best Picture

Question 9: Stereo recordings are used in FM broadcasting and ________ (DAB) and in several television systems.
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingDigital Audio BroadcastingDigital Radio MondialeDigital radio

Question 10: The word "stereophonic"—derived from the Greek, stereos = "solid" and phōnē = "sound"—was coined by ________, by analogy with the word "stereoscopic".
American Telephone & TelegraphWestern ElectricBell SystemBell Labs

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