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Stereographic projection: Quiz


Question 1: If it were, then it would be a local isometry and would preserve ________.
Second fundamental formGaussian curvatureRicci curvatureMean curvature

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Stereographic projection have?
Project Moon Base
Hero Senki: Project Olympus
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Stereographic projection

Question 3: This notion finds utility in ________ and complex analysis.
Projective spaceAlgebraic geometryProjective geometryConic section

Question 4: [8] This construction plays a role in ________ and conformal geometry.
Number theoryCalculusMathematicsAlgebraic geometry

Question 5: This space is difficult to visualize, because it cannot be ________ in three-dimensional space.
Metric spaceGroup (mathematics)EmbeddingManifold

Question 6: The point (XY) in the real plane can be identified with the ________ ζ = X + iY.
Vector spaceComplex numberField (mathematics)Real number

Question 7: By definition, S is the locus of zeros of a non-singular quadratic form f(x0, ..., xn + 1) in the ________ xi.
Affine transformationLinear mapBarycentric coordinates (mathematics)Homogeneous coordinates

Question 8: The equal-area lower-hemisphere projection defined by the ________ is also used, especially when the plot is to be subjected to subsequent statistical analysis such as density contouring.
Stereographic projectionLambert azimuthal equal-area projectionMap projectionGeology

Question 9: In spherical coordinates (φ, θ) on the sphere (with φ the zenith and θ the azimuth) and ________ (R, Θ) on the plane, the projection and its inverse are
Polar coordinate systemMathematics in medieval IslamExponentiationGeography and cartography in medieval Islam

Question 10: In ________ (xyz) on the sphere and (XY) on the plane, the projection and its inverse are given by the formulas
Spherical coordinate systemCylindrical coordinate systemCartesian coordinate systemParabolic coordinates

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