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Question 1: To make matters worse, ________ Alexander Smyth, van Rensselaer's subordinate, had a large force of trained regulars that was theoretically under van Rensselaer's overall command.
Major GeneralSecond LieutenantBrigadier GeneralMilitary rank

Question 2: He was the father of Henry Bell Van Rensselaer, who was a politician and general in the Union Army during the ________.
TennesseeUnited StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil War

Question 3: He served in the ________ from 1789 to 1791 and the New York State Senate from 1791 to 1796, being named Lieutenant Governor of the state in 1795.
New York State AssemblyNew York LegislatureNevada AssemblyAlaska Senate

Question 4: van Rensselaer was a ________, and twice served as Grand Master of Masons for New York.
FreemasonryAnti-MasonryCo-FreemasonrySocietas Rosicruciana

Question 5: Stephen van Rensselaer III biography from the ________
New York State MuseumNew York CityAlbany, New YorkPaleontology

Question 6: [2] He founded the institution which became ________.
Union College (New York)Harvard UniversityRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteHouston Field House

Question 7: His younger brother Philip Schuyler Van Rensselaer (1767–1824) was ________ from 1799 to 1812.
Manor of RensselaerswyckStephen Van RensselaerUnion College (New York)List of mayors of Albany, New York

Question 8: One year later, he married Margarita Schuyler, the daughter of renowned Revolutionary War general ________.
Philip SchuylerRufus KingAaron BurrGouverneur Morris

Question 9: To this end he was sent off to school, first to Princeton, and in 1782, van Rensselaer graduated from ________.
Harvard CrimsonHarvard UniversityRutgers UniversityBrown University

Question 10: Instead, he granted tenants perpetual ________ at moderate rates, which saved would-be landholders from having to pay all of their money up front.
RentingLeasehold estateLeasingPossession (law)


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