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Question 1: The term "walkabout" comes from the aborigines in ________; Franklin had learned of the practice from his Foundationist religious beliefs.
CanadaBarbadosUnited KingdomAustralia

Question 2: It's just when politics and money and nationalism get in the way that things get a little messed up."[1] He also explains that Foundationists believe that "The closer you get to defining ________, the further away it gets."[2 ]

Question 3: Foundationism appeared on ________ around the year 2157 in response to contact with other intelligent species in the universe.

Question 4: Franklin was also a leading participant in an "underground railroad" that helped rogue telepaths who had refused to join ________ make their way to freedom; the telepaths were trying to escape from the ruthless Psi Cops.
Babylon 5Psi CorpsAlfred Bester (Babylon 5)Talia Winters

Question 5: In 2258, he was assigned to the ________ station as chief surgeon after the recall of Dr. Benjamin Kyle to Earth.
Babylon 5Babylon 5: The Lost TalesBabylon 5: The GatheringCrusade (TV series)

Question 6: ________ has said that Franklin eventually dies while exploring an unknown planet, but has not revealed the details of exactly how or when he dies.
Babylon 5: The Lost TalesJ. Michael StraczynskiCrusade (TV series)Babylon 5

Question 7: As with many characters on ________, Franklin's personality contained the seeds of his own weaknesses.
Crusade (TV series)Babylon 5: The GatheringBabylon 5: The Lost TalesBabylon 5

Question 8: Franklin later conducted research in the attempt to fight the plague the ________ inflicted on Earth.
DrakhBabylon 5Babylon 5 novels, short stories and comic booksMinbari

Question 9: The ________ were severely injured in the accident, and due to Franklin's lack of knowledge of Minbari biology, they all died.
Babylon 5Babylon 5 influencesCivilizations in Babylon 5Minbari

Question 10: When the ________ started in 2243, Franklin rejoined EarthForce and was assigned to manage an advanced military hospital on Earth.
Dilgar WarEarth–Minbari WarBabylon 5 influencesBabylon 5


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