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Stephen Decatur: Quiz


Question 1: Stephen Decatur Middle School in ________
Clinton, MarylandBeltsville, MarylandBladensburg, MarylandAdelphi, Maryland

Question 2: Upon arrival, Decatur exhibited an early use of ________ on behalf of American interests.
United KingdomUnited States NavyInternational relationsGunboat diplomacy

Question 3: He married Susan Wheeler, daughter of the mayor of ________, on March 8, 1806.
Hampton RoadsVirginia BeachNewport News, VirginiaNorfolk, Virginia

Question 4: He was the youngest man to reach the rank of captain in the history of the United States Navy, and the first American celebrated as a national military hero who had not played a role in the ________.
VirginiaUnited States ConstitutionAmerican RevolutionMassachusetts

Question 5: In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country!" ________ would later distill this phrase more famously as, "My country, right or wrong!"[3]
Russell A. AlgerCarl SchurzGeorge MeadeWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 6: At dawn on 25 October, five hundred miles south of the ________, lookouts on board United States reported seeing a sail 12 miles (19 km) to windward.
AzoresSaint HelenaPortugalMadeira

Question 7: On 1 June, the three vessels were driven into ________, by a powerful British squadron, and United States and Macedonian were kept blocked there until the end of the war.
Norwich, ConnecticutNew London, ConnecticutLedyard, ConnecticutGroton, Connecticut

Question 8: Given command of the brig Argus in 1803, he took it to the Mediterranean for service in the ________ against Tripoli.
First Barbary WarSecond Barbary WarQuasi-WarAmerican Revolutionary War

Question 9: Decatur was subsequently promoted to the rank of captain, and over the next eight years had command of several ________.

Question 10: Decatur saw service throughout the ________, an undeclared naval war with France.
American Revolutionary WarQuasi-WarFirst Barbary WarUnited States armed forces


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