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Stephen Barrett: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Stephen Barrett play in the movie Tom and Francie?

Question 2: In a whole "Special to the ________", extensive coverage of his views on the subject were provided, including his criticisms of many named abusers.
Donald E. GrahamNewsweekSlate (magazine)The Washington Post

Question 3: [12] Barrett has been profiled in Biography Magazine (1998)[14] and in ________ (2001).
The New YorkerNewsweekTime (magazine)National Review

Question 4: In 1967 and 1968 he followed part of a correspondence course in American Law and Procedure at ________ (Chicago).
Macmillan Publishers (United States)Jesse Grant ChaplineLa Salle Extension UniversityAdlai E. Stevenson I

Question 5: ________ received the award of Best Physician-Authored Site by MD NetGuide, May 2003.
QuackwatchHomeopathyQuackeryStephen Barrett

Question 6: In addition to webmastering his websites, Barrett is a co-founder, vice-president and a board member of the ________ (NCAHF).
HomeopathyThe National Council Against Health FraudQuackwatchNaturopathy

Question 7: Barrett has received a number of awards and recognition for his ________ work against quackery.
Product liabilityConsumer protectionCommon lawCompetition law

Question 8: From 1987 through 1989, he taught health education at ________.
State College, PennsylvaniaThe Daily Collegian (Penn State)Penn State Nittany LionsPennsylvania State University

Question 9: ________
QuackwatchHomeopathyThe National Council Against Health FraudNaturopathy

Question 10: ________, ISBN 0-89970-525-1
Michigan State Medical SocietyMassachusetts Medical SocietyAmerican Medical AssociationColorado Medical Society


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