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Question 1: The facings were often glazed in different colors and may have had ________ significance.

Question 2: The probable predecessors of the ziggurat were temples supported on raised platforms or terraces that date from the ________[1] during the fourth millennium BC, and the latest date from the 6th century BC.
Uruk periodNeolithicUbaid periodPrehistoric religion

Question 3: These ________ typically are large and made of several layers of stone.
Mexico CityPyramidMexicoUnited States

Question 4: Twenty-eight of them are in Iraq, and four of them are in ________.
PakistanIranIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijan

Question 5: Step pyramids were also a part of South American architecture, such as that of the Moche, the Chavín culture and the ________.
Francisco PizarroInca EmpirePre-Columbian eraInca civilization

Question 6: ________ were huge religious monuments built in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels.

Question 7: Notable Ziggurats include the Great Ziggurat of Ur near Nasiriyah, Iraq, the Ziggurat of Aqar Quf near ________, Iraq, Chogha Zanbil in Khūzestān, Iran, the most recent to be discovered - Sialk near Kashan, Iran and others.


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