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Question 1: The melody was used by Tom Springfield in the song "The Carnival Is Over" that placed The Seekers at #1 in 1965 in ________ and the UK.

Question 2: Stenka Razin, as he was generally called, had now become a potentate with whom ________ did not disdain to treat.
PrinceMonarchEmperorRoyal and noble ranks

Question 3: The emissaries of Razin, armed with inflammatory proclamations, had stirred up the inhabitants of the modern governments of ________, Tambov and Penza, and penetrated even so far as Moscow and Novgorod.
SarovRussiaNizhny NovgorodDzerzhinsk, Russia

Question 4: Razin proclaimed that his object was to root out the boyars and all officials, to level all ranks and dignities, and establish Cossackdom, with its corollary of absolute equality, throughout ________.
History of RussiaGrand Duchy of MoscowGolden HordeRussia

Question 5: The lawless Russian border region of Astrakhan, where the whole atmosphere was predatory and many people were still ________, was the natural milieu for such a rebellion as Razin's.

Question 6: At the beginning of 1668 he defeated the voivode Yakov Bezobrazov, sent against him from Astrakhan, and in the spring embarked on a predatory expedition into ________ and Persia which lasted for eighteen months.

Question 7: Razin then sailed down the Volga with a fleet of thirty-five galleys, capturing the more important ________ on his way and devastating the country.
CastleFortificationCity gateDefensive wall

Question 8: Stenka Razin is the hero of a popular Russian ________ (lyric is by Dmitri Sadovnikov (Дмитрий Николаевич Садовников) 1883, music is folk), better known by the words Volga, Volga mat' rodnaya.
Pete SeegerWoody GuthrieFolk musicElectric folk

Question 9: In 1671 he and his brother Frol Razin were captured at Kaganlyk, his last fortress, and carried to Moscow, where, after tortures, Stepan was quartered alive in the ________ at the Lobnoye Mesto.
RussiaRed SquareSaint Basil's CathedralMoscow Kremlin

Question 10: In August 1669 he reappeared at Astrakhan, and accepted a fresh offer of ________ from tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich there; the common people were fascinated by his adventures.
PardonCapital punishmentJury trialDouble jeopardy


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