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Steatoda nobilis: Quiz


Question 1: The spider is native to the ________ but arrived in England in around 1870 through bananas sent to Torquay.
MelillaSpainTenerifeCanary Islands

Question 2: The False Widow spider first arrived in banana shipments from the ________ in around 1870.
MelillaCanary IslandsTenerifeSpain

Question 3: The spider is found in the Canary Islands, in England around Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Devon and Cornwall, Dorset, Essex [2] and Bedfordshire, and in ________; it has also been observed in parts of continental Europe and Africa.
AzoresSaint HelenaMadeiraPortugal

Question 4: Steatoda nobilis, commonly known in ________ as the biting spider or the false black widow (though several other species are known by the latter name), is a common species of spider in the genus Steatoda.
WalesScotlandEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: As with many animals extending their range from the continent, the distribution of S. nobilis is expected to increase northwards in the UK, due at least partly to ________.
Little Ice AgeClimate changeCurrent sea level riseMilankovitch cycles

Question 6: This prediction was reported by Stuart Hine of the ________.
Victoria and Albert MuseumNatural History MuseumImperial War MuseumBritish Museum

Question 7: Like true ________, S. nobilis has a round, bulbous, over-sized abdomen, which is darkly colored.
South AfricaMadagascarLatrodectusSri Lanka

Question 8: As one of this spider's common name indicates, the spider superficially resembles, and is frequently confused for, the black widow and other venomous spiders in the genus ________.
Sri LankaMadagascarLatrodectusSouth Africa


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