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Question 1: In the manufacture of soap, stearin is mixed with a ________ solution in water.
Sodium hydroxideSodium carbonateSodium sulfateSodium hypochlorite

Question 2: Stearin (pronounced /ˈstɪərɨn/), or tristearin, is a triglyceride, a glyceryl ester of stearic acid, derived from animal fats created as a byproduct of processing ________.
Taboo food and drinkMeatCattleBeef

Question 3: It is used as tallow in the manufacture of ________ and soap.
Incandescent light bulbLightingCandleFluorescent lamp

Question 4: Stearin is a side product obtained during the extraction of ________ removed during the chilling process at temperatures below -5 °C.
VitaminCod liver oilFolic acidFish oil

Question 5: The following reaction gives ________ and sodium stearate, which can be used as soap:
GlycerolEthanolGlucoseEthylene glycol


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