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Steamboat: Quiz


Question 1: SS Shieldhall steams down the ________.
River CartRiver ClydeClyde ArcFirth of Clyde

Question 2: He built and tested an experimental steamboat on the ________ in 1803, and was aware of the success of Charlotte Dundas.

Question 3: During a stay in ________, Germany, in 1704, he completed a paddlewheel boat, probably pedal-powered.
KasselDarmstadtFrankfurt am MainOffenbach am Main

Question 4: ________ Steamboat Museum Project.
Lake DistrictRydal WaterConiston WaterWindermere

Question 5: From 1784 ________ built a pump-driven (water jet) boat and successfully steamed upstream on the Potomac river in 1786; the following year he obtained a patent from the State of Virginia.
Bath (Berkeley Springs), West VirginiaShepherdstown, West VirginiaGeorge WashingtonJames Rumsey

Question 6: The 1912 steamer TSS Earnslaw still makes regular sight-seeing trips across Lake Wakatipu, an alpine lake near ________.
RotoruaQueenstown, New ZealandChristchurchDunedin

Question 7: William Henry of Lancaster, ________, having learned of Watt's engine on a visit to England, made his own engine.
ConnecticutPennsylvaniaNew JerseyNorth Carolina

Question 8: The experience of both vessels showed the new system of propulsion was commercially viable, and as a result its application to the more open waters of the ________ was next considered.
Great LakesJames BayArctic OceanOntario

Question 9: Meanwhile, Patrick Miller of Dalswinton, near ________, Scotland, had developed double-hulled boats propelled by cranked paddlewheels placed between the hulls.
Dumfries and GallowayDumfriesUnited KingdomWigtown

Question 10: Among other effects, changes in its channel meant the destruction of much of the archeology and historical remnants of early French colonial villages of the ________, such as Kaskaskia, St.
Northwest TerritoryMonroe County, IllinoisIllinois CountryLouisiana (New France)

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