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Steam engine: Quiz


Question 1: In these applications internal combustion engines are now used due to their higher ________ , lower maintenance and space requirements .
Diesel engineFuel cellPower-to-weight ratioAutomobile

Question 2: Virtually all nuclear power plants generate electricity by heating water to provide steam that drives a turbine connected to an ________.
Brush (electric)Electric motorElectrical generatorLinear motor

Question 3: Around 1800, ________ introduced engines using high-pressure steam.
The SalamancaCatch me who canStephenson's RocketRichard Trevithick

Question 4: Winding engines, ________ engines, steam donkeys, marine engines, and similar applications which need to frequently stop and reverse.
TinningRolling (metalworking)Steel millRolling mill

Question 5: There are two fundamental components of a steam engine: the ________ or steam generator, and the "motor unit", itself often referred to as a "steam engine".
CoalBoilerFurnaceThermal power station

Question 6: Tower's engines were used by the ________ to drive lighting dynamos on their locomotives, and by the Admiralty for driving dynamos on board the ships of the Royal Navy.
Great Northern Railway (Great Britain)Barry Railway CompanyGreat Eastern RailwayLondon and North Eastern Railway

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Double acting stationary engine
  Preserved British steam-powered fire engine – an example of a mobile steam engine. This is a horse-drawn vehicle: the steam engine drives the water pump
  A steam-powered bicycle
  Early Watt pumping engine

Question 8: This type of system is referred to as 'PDX Technology' by Pursuit Dynamics and has been applied to ________ problems.
ManufacturingFood technologyBiotechnologyFood engineering

Question 9: A steam turbine often exhausts into a ________ that provides a vacuum.
Feedwater heaterThermal power stationChlorineSurface condenser

Question 10: These include engines used in thermal power stations and those that were used in pumping stations, mills, factories and to power ________ and cable tramways before the widespread use of electric power.
Cable ferryPassenger rail terminologyCable railwayHeritage railway


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