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Steam (content delivery): Quiz


Question 1:
What is Steam (content delivery)'s current status?
Updating every day

Question 2:
What license is Steam (content delivery) distributed under?
GNU General Public License, optional CC by-sa 2.0 for artwork
Steam Subscriber Agreement

Question 3:
What was the size of the Steam (content delivery)?
28 x 21 cm
41.5 megabytes
728 soldiers

Question 4: Friends, Steam's instant messaging tool, supports both one-to-one and group conversations, held publicly or privately, and ________ VOIP.
File sharingBitTorrent (protocol)Peer-to-peerFreenet

Question 5:
Who developed Steam (content delivery)?

Question 6: a ________ edition), the correct one will be chosen automatically based on the computer's hardware and/or software environment.
Central processing unit64-bitReduced instruction set computerSIMD

Question 7: [15] It is accessible from both the desktop (in a ________ or the Steam client) and through an "overlay" program that can be viewed on top of 3D-accelerated games.
Web browserInternet Explorer 3Opera (web browser)Internet Explorer

Question 8: [37] It was revealed to the public on 22 March 2002 at the ________,[38] and was presented purely as a distribution network.
Games ConventionGamescomQuakeConGame Developers Conference

Question 9: Steam offers products in three currencies; US Dollar, ________ and Pound Sterling.
Danish kroneEurozoneEuroEuropean Central Bank

Question 10: There are no alternate methods of activation such as via telephone or ________, which causes the system to deny access to those without Internet connections.
ModemFaxIntegrated Services Digital NetworkFax server

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