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Steak and kidney pie: Quiz


Question 1: The steak and kidney pie is a typical British dish with a filling of diced ________ steak and beef (ox), lamb's or pig's kidneys in a thick sauce.
Taboo food and drinkCattleBeefMeat

Question 2: In the ________ a pudding is sometimes called a "Baby's Head" and in certain areas of North West England primarily around Wigan and Leigh, Greater Manchester a "Babby's Yead" (Baby's Head).
United KingdomScotlandBritish overseas territoriesBritish Armed Forces

Question 3: Besides being made fresh in a kitchen or a restaurant, food processing firms offer this foodstuff frozen in a box, or canned (in a ________).

Question 4: It is often, but not always, a one-crust pie, which means that the filling is covered but not completely enclosed by the ________.
PastryBakeryPuff pastryPastry chef

Question 5: The sauce typically consists of beef broth, flavoured with salt, pepper and parsley, onions, and thickened with ________, cornstarch or beurre maniƩ.
BreadWheatFlourInternational wheat production statistics

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