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Statue: Quiz


Question 1: Thomas Brock, ________, at Tate Britain 1905
Pre-Raphaelite BrotherhoodDante Gabriel RossettiJohn Everett MillaisJohn Ruskin

Question 2: The Ushiku Daibutsu, ________, 1995, Japan.

Question 3: The Statue of Liberty, ________ Harbor, USA, c.1886
New JerseyConnecticutMassachusettsNew York

Question 4: Venus of Willendorf, one of the oldest known Statuettes, ________, 24,000 BC-22,000 BC
Upper Paleolithic10th millennium BCStone Age8th millennium BC

Question 5: 200 AD is in the nearby ________, Rome
Galleria BorgheseCapitoline MuseumsVatican MuseumsCapitoline Hill

Question 6: ________, The Burghers of Calais (1884–c.
Victoria and Albert MuseumAuguste RodinSculptureThe Kiss (Rodin sculpture)

Question 7: Many statues are built on commission to commemorate a historical event, or the ________ of an influential person.

Question 8: Statues are amongst the wonders of the world, with the ________ and the Statue of Zeus at Olympia among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the Moai of Easter Island among the wonders of the modern world.
Mausoleum of HalicarnassusChares of LindosTemple of ArtemisColossus of Rhodes

Question 9: "We invited all the great statues of the world to her birthday party and created giant puppets to represent them," said ________, director of the event.
Jeanne FlemingSophia MichahellesNew York's Village Halloween ParadeSuperior Concept Monsters

Question 10: There is an ________ concerning a code for mounted statues, whereby the horse's hooves are supposed to indicate how the rider met his end.
Mircea EliadeCharacter (arts)MythologyUrban legend

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