Static pressure: Quiz

Question 1: An aircraft’s ________ is operated by the static pressure system and the pitot pressure system [1].
Flight instrumentsPitot tubeAirspeed indicatorAttitude indicator

Question 2: Static pressure is identical to ________ and can be identified for every point in a fluid flow field.
TemperaturePressurePressure measurementForce

Question 3: The difference in pressure causes a small error in the altitude indicated on the altimeter, and the ________ indicated on the airspeed indicator.
Pitot tubeAirspeed (disambiguation)Bernoulli's principleAirspeed

Question 4: The ________, in its Standard[16] Glossary of Aeronautical Terms, gives the following definition:
Standards organizationInternational Organization for StandardizationBSI GroupISO/IEC 27000

Question 5: In ________ the term static pressure has several uses:
ViscosityContinuum mechanicsFluid mechanicsFluid dynamics

Question 6: The term static pressure is sometimes used in fluid statics to refer to the ________ of a fluid at a nominated depth in the fluid.
ForcePressure measurementTemperaturePressure

Question 7: In ________, static pressure is the pressure at a nominated point in a fluid.
Fluid mechanicsFluid dynamicsSurface tensionViscosity

Question 8: In the design and operation of ________, static pressure is the air pressure in the aircraft’s static pressure system.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftWide-body aircraftAircraft

Question 9: The static pressure system is open to the exterior of the aircraft to sense the pressure of the atmosphere at the ________ at which the aircraft is flying.
AltitudeAltimeterSea levelAtmospheric pressure

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